DT1393 Intrinsically Safe NAMUR / CONTACT Isolator

Product features

  • NAMUR / contact inputs
  • Relay contact / transistor outputs
  • 2 channel version
  • Line fault detection
  • Switch selectable mode of operation
  • 3 kHz transmission frequency (transistor output)
  • 19-29 VDC supply voltage
  • TS-35 rail mounting, 12.5 mm width devices

Type designation

DT13xx intrinsically safe namur contact isolator type designation

Product description

The DT1393 Intrinsically Safe NAMUR / Contact Isolators enable a safe area load to be controlled by a proximity detector or switch located in a potentially explosive area of zone 0 or zone 1. The units galvanically isolate the input, the output and the power supply. The safe output may be relay contact or transistor. In the case of a transistor output the maximum signal transmission frequency is 3 kHz.
The device is made in 2-channel version. In all units a built-in phase-reverse control switch allows an alarm condition (output open) to be signalled for either state of the sensor. A line-fault detection opens the output in the event of short or open-circuit lines: intended for use primerily with proximity detectors. It can also be used with switches made to resemble them electrically by adding two resistors, or disabling by a switch if not required.
A version with an input current < 0.5 mA is also available for isolation of the output contact of gas-consumption meters.
The supply voltage range is 19-29 VDC, thus the isolators are insensitive to the supply voltage change.

Technical specifications

Safety data:
The connection terminals of the supply voltages are isolated from each other, the isolation is in compliance with the standard EN 61010-1, taking into consideration the following:
Pollution level:2
Measurement category:II
Intrinsical safety data:
Certification:BKI 14 ATEX 0012
Protection marking:II (1) G [Ex ia Ga] IIC/IIB (-20 °C < Ta < +50 °C)
II (1) D [Ex ia Da] IIIC (-20 °C < Ta < +50 °C)
Safety data:
Uo [V]Io [mA]Po [mW]Co [uF]Lo [mH]Co [uF]Lo [mH]
Um:250 Veff
Input parameters:
In compliance with the standard EN 60947-5-6 (NAMUR)
No load voltage:8.2 V
Short circuit current:8.2 mA
Input resistance:1000 ohm
Low-current input version, upon request:
No load voltage:8.2 V
Short circuit current:0.5 mA (max.)
Input resistance:18 kohm
Output parameters:
Contacts:SPST or SPDT contact, see the type designation
Contact rating:250 VAC, 5 AAC, 500 VA vagy 30 VDC, 5 ADC
Transistor output:galvanically isolated passive switching transistor
Voltage:30 VDC (max.)
Current:40 mA (max.)
Frequency range:0-3 kHz
Galvanic isolation:
Operating isolation voltage:250 Veff (between the input, the output, and the supply voltage
Test voltage:2500 VDC
Power supply:
Supply voltage:19-35 VDC
Consumption:see the type designation
Ambient conditions:
Operating temperature range:-20 - +50 °C
Relative humidity:90% (max., non-condensing)
Place of installation:safe area, cabinet
Installation:vertical position
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
accordance with the standard EN 61326
Immunity:industrial area
Noise emission:Group 1, Class B
General data:
Housing:terminal assembly box, rail mounting on TS-35 rail,
material: polyamide PA6.6
Connection:plug-in screw terminal
Connection cable:0.25-1.5 mm2 (max.)
Dimensions:12.5 × 99 × 115 mm (width × height × depth)
Weight:0.1-0.2 kg (depending on the type)
Protection:IP 20
Detailed information see in operating instructions. The Manufacturer maintains the right to change the technical data!


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