DT1102 INV Switch Selectable Input-Output Galvanic Isolator with inverse characteristics

Product features

  • inverse transfer characteristics
  • switch-selectable signal ranges on inputs and outputs
    0-20 mA / 4-20 mA / 0-10 V / 2-10 V inputs
    20-0 mA / 20-4 mA / 10-0 V / 10-2 V outputs
  • 3-way isolation
  • 20 VDC transmitter power at the input for two wire transmitters
  • nonlinearity: <0,02% TYP
  • temperature coefficient: 25 ppm / °C TYP
  • 24 V ±10% DC or 230 V ±10% AC/DC power supply
  • TS-35 rail mounting, 12.5 mm width

Type designation

DT1102 INV switch selectable IO galvanic isolators with inverse characteristic-type designation

Product description

The DT1102 INV (PS) provides galvanic isolation and signal conversion between the transmitter (or other signal source) and the signal processing unit. The transfer characteristics is inverse, i.e. it provides a decreasing output signal for an increasing input signal (e.g. converts 4-20 mA input signal to 20-4 mA output signal or converts 4-20 mA input signal to 10-0 V output signal).
The galvanic isolation is 3-way i.e. the input, output and power supply are galvanically isolated of each other.
The continuous isolation voltage is 250 VACeff in all three directions.
The instrument provides 20 VDC / 24 mA on the input for supplying passive two wire transmitters.
The input and output signal ranges can be selected in any combination using the front switches:

  • 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA / 0-10 V / 2-10 V input
  • 20-0 mA / 20-4 mA / 10-0 V / 10-2 V output

The instrument has two inputs:

  • current: 0 (4) mA – 20 mA*
  • voltage: 0 (2 ) V – 10 V*

The instrument has two outputs:

  • current: 20 mA – 0 (4) mA *
  • voltage: 10 V – 0 (2) V*

* it may be use only one input and one output at a time.

The device can be ordered with two types of power supply:

  • DT1102 INV: 24 V ± 10% DC
  • DT1102 INV PS: 230 V ± 10% AC/DC

The transfer characteristics are outstandingly good: nonlinearity < 0,02% TYP, temperature coefficient: 25 ppm / °C TYP.
Front LED indicators provide information on the presence of power and possible fault conditions.

Technical specifications

Safety data:
The connection terminals of the input, output and supply voltage are isolated from each other, the isolation is in compliance with the standard EN 61010-1, taking into consideration the following:
Pollution level:2
Measurement category:II
Input parameters (current):
Input signal:DC current
Ranges:0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
Overload:400 mA
Input resistance:10 ohm
Input parameters (voltage):
Input signal:DC voltage
Ranges:0-10 V, 2-10 V
Overload:100 V
Input resistance:102 kohm
Transmitter power supply:
Voltage:> 20 VDC (20 mA load)
Overcurrent protection:25 mA
Output parameters (current):
Output signal:DC current
Ranges:20-0 mA, 20-4 mA
Overdriving capability:22.5 mA
Load resistance:≤ 500 ohm
Output resistance:> 5 Mohm
Output parameters (voltage):
Output signal:DC voltage
Ranges:10-0 V, 10-2 V
Overdriving capability:11 V
Load resistance:≥ 500 ohm
Output resistance:< 0,5 ohm
Transfer characteristics:
Transfer function:inverting
Output signal error:±0.1% FSR @ 25 °C ±2 °C
Non-linearity:0,02 % (max.)
Temperature coefficient:25 ppm / °C TYP, 50 ppm / °C max.
Supply-voltage effect:practically zero
Settling time:250 ms (10-90%) / 300 ms (99%)
Galvanic isolation:
Working voltage:250 Veff (between the input,output and power supply terminals)
Test voltage:Type test: 4250 VDC (1 min), Routin test: 2500 VDC (1 min)
Power supply:
Supply voltage:DT1102 INV: 24 V ±10% DC,
DT1102 INV PS: 230 V ±10% AC/DC,
Power consumption:DT1102 INV: ≤ 2,2 W DT1102 INV PS: 3,3 W, 5,2 VA
Ambient conditions:
Operating temperature range:0-50 °C (-20-60 °C for customer request)
Relative humidity:90% (max., non-condensing)
Place of installation:cabinet
Mounting position:vertical (horizontal rail position)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): Accordance with the standard EN 61326-1
Noise emission:Group 1, Class B
Immunity:industrial area
ESD:4 kV/8 kV surface / air
BURST:2 kV/1 kV power / signal
Conducted RF immunity:3 Veff
General data:
Housing:TS-35 rail mounting housing material: polyamide PA6.6
Connection:Pluggable screw-terminal
Connecting cable:0,25-2,5 mm2
Dimensions:12,5 × 99 × 115 mm (width × height × depth)
Weight:0,15 kg
Protection:IP 20
Detailed information see in operating instructions. The Manufacturer maintans the right to change the technical data!


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